I love shadows

Since my last post I’ve published my first two websites. The first is a very simple static page for a small accounting company in the South of Brazil, which I’m quite proud of. I think the result is pretty decent for a first attempt. Here’s the address. http://contabilidadeportoalegre.com.br/. I used straight html and CSS with …

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Owned by forms

Even though I haven’t been posting, I have been succeeding in carving out time for coding. I made great progress on my Bootstrap Journey, having completed one of the projects I’m working on, a static page for the promotion of a book. It’s still not live but I think it will happen soon. After that …

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Back to work!

Hello! Again I got side-tracked with all my non-coding life and didn’t manage to code as much as I wanted and to keep posting in the blog. Even though my initial idea of posting daily (or close to daily) didn’t work as planned, my ‘failure’ serves as feedback for my current lack of focus in …

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