Two Months As a Junior Developer

It’s been a very busy month at work, but here I am again! I’m ready to reflect a bit on what I’ve learned so far and make plans for the next two months!


First of all, I have to say how lucky I am for having the opportunity of working with such an amazing team. Everyone is really nice, particularly the senior developers. Despite their immense knowledge and experience, everyone is really helpful. I haven’t seen a single frown upon my noob questions. I haven’t seen anyone being arrogant. I’m extremely lucky and I’m grateful for that!


I can say I’m fully climatized to the company’s domain. I’m way more comfortable navigating massive domain, creating branches, pull requests, dealing with git and the project management tools. I can quickly dive into the problems themselves because I know where things sit in the domain. That’s not to mention getting more used to Visual Studio, which I use every day for many hours.

I’m also a bit more comfortable starting conversations in the office, but there’s still some more work to do in that regard, specially with the more introverted folks. Let’s give it some time! .😁


So far I’ve worked on the search, products page, checkout, internal systems, feature toggles, both in front end and back end. I’ve used Vanilla Js, jquery, React, Svelte, Handlebars, MJML ASP.NET MVC. I can’t say I know any of them very deeply, but I learned I’m able to make modifications in a project even If I’m not fluent in that framework/language.

Right now I’m working in the most exciting project so far. To refurbish all e-mails sent from the ecommerce to the customers. I have to implement the design made by the product owner, using MJML/Handlebars and plugging it into the messaging system, wired by Rebus library.

It took me a week to figure out how to use each of these tools independently and then meshed into the customer project. I was finally able to send the first e-mail, which was a big Eureka moment. The last day was all trying to adjust the project and testing suite to each other, so the project would build successfully in the CI/CD pipeline.

Working with the e-mails is exciting because I’ll dive into all areas of the domain, which will give me a broad understanding of where everything is and how it ties together. Looks like it will be a great September!!


I have also created very solid routines in the past month. I moved in with my girlfriend and most of my days are very well rehearsed. From Monday to Wednesday I wake up at 430, have a cold shower, make a double expresso for the road and leave at 515. I get to work at 630, where I read and meditate for 20 mins and start at 7.

I have a break from 11-12 where I try to nap in my car in the parking area. I can make better use of this time, as I’m usually stuck reading the news. It’s very addictive in times of climate change/Afghan Crisis/Covid.

I’ve been fasting all morning so I have my first meal (nuts) at 1pm and then my lunch at 345, before leaving at 4. I get back to Sunshine Coast at around 530 and go to the gym, and get home by 7. At night I spend time with my girlfriend, prep for the next day, play video games, work on personal projects, dance, whatever I feel like.

Wednesdays and Thursdays sometimes are slightly different as I try to sleep in Brisbane at a friend’s place. In that case I can sleep up to 530 and I catch up with friends at night. But I can also do a better job decreasing my procrastination, particularly from 8pm till bed time.

Side Project

I’m working on a very exciting side project, and I’ll be posting it in the next few days. Life is good!!!! Back to work now 😀

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