One Week To Start My New Job!

At this time next week I’ll be inside an office in a big Australian company working in my first dev job! I’m very scared and I’ll try to use these next seven days to do as much work as I can to be prepared.


Up to this morning I didn’t have a very good idea about what to study in preparation. I asked my future manager to send me a list of things I could read upon and I finally got it this morning. This is the list, extracted from the e-mail:

As you can see it’s a pretty impressive list that doesn’t make my life much easier. Each one of these bullets is an universe in itself. Going through the checklist, I have good knowledge of .Net Core, Webapis, Html/CSS, Angular 4+ ; I have little experience with ASP.NET MVC, .NET Framework and Javascript. I have zero experience with React. And I had never heard of svelte.

The e-mail also mentions Agile/Scrum and BitBucket. I had heard and read a bit about the first but never heard of the latter. It’s hard to know exactly what I’ll be needing when I start next week, so what I’ll do is attack React and ASP.NET Mvc. I think Javascript knowledge is the base all of these frameworks and there’s definitely a knowledge gap there so I might also do a crash course, but I’ll keep that in the reserve, I’m not sure It’s a good idea to dive into JS out of context.


I had a look at Pluralsight and there’s a vast amount of material on all of these subjects, but I’ve also subscribed to Academind, home of one of my favourite teachers, Maximillian Schwarzmuller. I’m a fan of his teaching style and I can thank my knowledge of Angular in great part to him. I’m paying mere 19 USD for such valuable knowledge.

Right now I’m paying a little under 100 AUD monthly for educational subscriptions (Ionic Academy, Pluralsight and Academind), plus a bit more to maintain the azure services I use for training. I think it’s totally worth every penny.

Ok, time to dive into it!! No time to waste!

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