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I’m currently in the middle of a selection for developer job . I haven’t been writing about it because I want the process to be over before I say anything else. Let’s just say that I’m very anxious about the results, even almost being certain I won’t get it. 😔

I had to study a few things for the selection and I realised I have a lot of gaps to close in my understanding of C#. Then I realised since I last looked into the beginner courses at Pluralsight, they have released new ones. All the courses in the C# Fundamentals pathway have been released since April, so the contents are absolutely up to date. 

I have just watched C# Getting Started, with Paolo Perrotta and Controlling Program Flow in C# with Alex Wolf. The level of instruction is excellent, university level as usual with Pluralsight. I miss Scott Allen but these guys deliver!

C# Getting Started

Paolo’s course is super basic, very good for absolute beginners and explains everything from how to build a solution, a project inside a solution, the importance of namespaces, tips for refactoring, debugging, and a bit about types. And of course I always learn something new from these basic courses. For the first time I realised I can add conditional debugging. 😱

The add comment button (right top) in Visual Studio

Controlling Program Flow

Alex Wolf’s course goes a bit further and talks about expressions, basic statements, iterations, branching, everything that’s at the core of any language. He also touches briefly on refactoring, input/output with files and many cool tips for Visual Studio. I’ve only realised there are buttons for comments and for formatting!! Haha. I like Visual Studio way more after these findings.


I’ve been using Roam Research for my notes. I haven’t fully explored all functionalities yet such as the ability to create diagrams linking between files, mainly because of lack of Research, but I’m loving it. The ease with which I can find any reference without having to browse through files is fascinating. It will be a very important tool when I start uni and for my next job.

My notes for Paolo Perrotta’s course, one of them expanded

Next Course

The next stage will be revisiting the Type system with Gill Cleeren. I’ve already watched the intro videos and it looks promising. It appears not to be limited to just talking about types but also to go into object oriented matters, something I’m increasingly fascinated about. 

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