Free to Code

Last Saturday I had my last commitment in my time as a dance teacher. I might still do the odd workshop or covering for someone when needed, but I’m not longer teaching to support myself. And it feeeels greeeeat!

One of my highlights as a salsa teacher

For the first time since I can remember I can do whatever I want , whenever I want to do it. Obviously I still have to work a lot, but not at any given time. It’s a great feeling.

In my first few days of freedom I haven’t worked much, enjoying the holiday watching beautiful Queenslander sunsets with my girl. I was also able to add a small movie database app to my portfolio. It’s built with Ionic and a third party api and was created from a tutorial at the great Ionic Academy. I love Simon’s videos and I plan to spend a long time working through his material.

I won’t expand on it too much at the moment because I want to have a few more apps under my belt to start sending CVs again. But as soon as I have two or three more, I’ll go back and add extra functionalities I have in mind.


The idea of creating apps from tutorials and then improving them seems work really well. It’s good to start from a template so I’m not completely lost, but then expanding on the app and tweaking with more complex functionalities drives home the knowledge. There’s nothing better than sitting for hours trying to move data around inside an app to cement my learning.

Now back to work! 🤓

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