Choosing Computer Science vs Information Technology

After much consideration I’ve made up my mind last night and decided to pursue Computer Science instead of Information Technology. That was always my intention but the course is only offered on Semester 2, so I decided to apply for IT without much hope of getting in, but fortunately I was underestimating my chances.

It seemed clear to me that the future can be bright whatever my choice was, so I decided based on a combination of circumstance and personal preference. Computer Science has stuff that I find super interesting such as Machine Learning and Wearables.

Information technology would be the easy way. The course isn’t Maths intensive and that would make my life much easier, considering I haven’t done any Maths in probably 20 years.

I’ll be doing three subjects that are common to Computer Science plus an intro to Calculus, which will serve as the Maths prerequisite I need to get into CS.

It’s still surreal to me I will have the chance to study in an Australian University and I want to make the most of it. I’ll aim to get maximum grades and impress all my teachers. There’s no excuse for me not to annihilate every single subject I encounter. Not only I’m better equipped with study techniques and mindset but I also love everything I’ll be studying.

Here’s the course program for IT and CS for comparison:

Computer Science Program
IT Program

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