Back to School!!!

I’m feeling fantastic. I have just received my offer to study Information Technology at the University of Sunshine Coast, in Australia. My commitment to get into the tech industry and do what I love the most feels more real than never now. The last time I had a feeling like this was when I got my permanent residency. Feels great, baby! And the next??? It will be when I get my first tech job offer. It’s coming! I CAN FEEL IT. 😎

The timing couldn’t have been better. About two weeks ago I told my boss I was quitting in a month. She was shocked because students love me and I’m a passionate teacher but I just felt so relieved I could dedicate all of my bandwith to learning to code.

This is what life looks like, most days, in the next three months, in preparation for Uni:

6am: Wake Up – Study/Code

11am: Uber

3pm: Gym, Nap

5pm: Uber

9pm: Study/Code

11pm: Sleep

Oh and of course, spend time with my girlfriend 😍 when she’s not working her ass off too. She’s a gorgeous British nurse that will dump me really quickly If I don’t find time for her. 😜 But she’s very understanding. She was in the same position a few years ago when she was studying and still trying residency in Australia.


I made a post on Reddit about my plans and in less than four hours I got close to 500 upvotes 😱. I don’t really care about being internet famous, but this makes me realise there are so many people doing or thinking of doing the same thing. When I’m finally successful in this industry I’ll definitely find ways to help people that are on the same path. 👊👊👊

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