Course: Building a Webapp with Shawn Wildermuth

Yesterday I started my latest Pluralsight course: Building a Web App with ASP.NET Core, MVC, Entity Framework Core, Bootstrap, and Angular with Shawn Wildermuth.

I’m still half way through it but I’ll tell you. This course is a beast! It covers so much ground: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, MVC with Razor Pages, Entity Framework, SQL, Bootstrap, Angular, the whole shebang.

I highly recommend this course for beginners and intermediate learners out there because it can be quite confusing learning these technologies isolated from one another. Shawn does a terrific job connecting the dots so far. In the course, a “Dutch Art” online shop is set up from zero, slowly adding up the components and functionalities as a vehicle for teaching.

The “Dutch Shop” in its early stages

Up to now I’ve put together applications using MVC principles with Angular and Asp.Net (and that’s what I was looking for with this particular course) but I’ve never actually used the scaffold provided by Microsoft with their views. That’s mainly because I love Angular 😍.

But I’m not passing the opportunity to learn a bit of the Microsoft way of doing things. I’m definitely not diving deep into MVC in the future but it doesn’t hurt to know a bit about it.

Another great thing about this course is that Shawn provides excellent support. If you’ve got questions he will reply in the comments. I think that’s a huge plus to an online course as it’s almost sure questions will arise. It’s great to have an instructor that will actually help.

My first time working with ASP.NET’s MVC

The course was originally published in 2017 and it has just been updated. I don’t think doing a course that’s a few years old is a bad idea. Learning the not-so-new of doing things is great because I understand a big part of a developers job is to maintain legacy code or upgrade it to the latest technology.

I can’t wait to finish this course and have the result in my portfolio! 😍

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