And The Quest to Find a Tech Job Begins

I had a very eventful month. Some significant changes are ahead, always in pursuit of my ultimate goal: Getting into the tech industry.

Applying for Jobs

Two days ago I started sending CVs. It feels good. I know it’s unlikely I’ll get a job soon but just the process of getting started already accomplished a few things.

First it made me look at my CV and my portfolio. Even though I feel confident in my capacity of learning and helping my future employer, I don’t have much to show. I have many scattered projects on my GitHub account but not many finished, portfolio ready applications. I’ll be fixing that in the next few days, showcasing my skills in Angular and C#, the stuff I know the most.

I’ll keep a count of the number of jobs I apply for. It will be an interesting number to show other folks who are in the same journey as me. I expect it will be hundreds before I even get an interview so I better move my butt. 😬

So far the count is three applications with zero replies. All of them for positions in Sunshine Coast. I’ll expand that to Brisbane

Painful Week

For a week in February I suffered with very painful haemorrhoids. In the first couple of days, before accepting my girlfriend’s suggestion to take Ibuprofen, I couldn’t do anything. The pain was too much, in any position, at any time of the day. It went from mild symptoms on a Sunday night to excruciating pain on Tuesday morning.

I was panicking. All I wanted was the pain to go away. After taking the miraculous pills I had some relief but I was on Ibuprofen non-stop for five days before the condition reached its peak and started to subside.

I don’t have constipation, I eat well, I drink a bunch of water. So I don’t know what happened. Haemorrhoids run in the family but I haven’t had problems with it for at least 15 years.

So what have I learned? Well. The first take is… life is fragile, such as well-being. In a couple of days my priorities shifted from the daily preoccupations of healthy people to just being able to walk and sit painlessly.

The second…. chia seeds. It’s super rich in fiber and although I didn’t have much problem pooping before, it improved my bowel movement significantly.

Ok… back to work… I’ve got some big news in my next post!

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