Cleaning My Schedule

The end of February will be time for me to clean up my schedule. Last Sunday I had a meeting with my boss in Brisbane in which I resigned from the company I’ve been with for the past 5 years. I still had some doubts on my way there but the commute took two hours instead of the usual 1h30 due to a crash and my decision was made easier. 

I’ve also quit a mambo choreography in Brisbane that I was doing for professional development and fun but that meant 1h a week of rehearsals plus extra solo training and worrying. And that’s not to count other work projects I’ve been saying no to. It’s clean up time baby!

Now that I’m driving for a living, the last thing I want is to have to spend 4 hours on the road on a Sunday to get to a job I love doing but pays very close to what I’d make if I just did Uber up in Sunshine Coast. And that saves me a bunch of time.

My Goal

Time is my most precious asset in my quest to get a developer job. Upon a lot of consideration, I’ve realised my sole goal in life right now has to be to one. Everything else I do in life has to support my efforts to reach that goal.

Right now I’m making very good money in comparison to the rest of the world (A little more than minimum wage in Australia), but I’m doing work that is not only unreliable but also tends to disappear in the long run. Teaching dance can vanish overnight if Covid hits again. Regulation and driver’s migration can ruin Uber in the Sunshine Coast. So I can’t count on either of those to carry me on professionally through life.

That leads to my goal. Every bone of my body has to work towards the ultimate end result: Getting a developer job. Another important step is figuring out what hours are more profitable doing Uber so I can do less hours to achieve the same financial result I set myself to achieve. Lunch and dinner hours, weekends, and some random “boost” hours are highly profitable. Right now I can code from 7-10 am every morning and still maintain the same pay from the other jobs, which is a true blessing. 


I’ve decided to give it a go and apply for some junior WordPress positions I found for Brisbane. I have a small body work I can show in my portfolio and that won’t eat time from my priority, which is Angular + ASP.NET CRUD Applications. I’m in the middle of building a “shift tracker” for my girlfriend that is challenging me to learn a lot about the two. That will go straight into my portfolio, help my girlfriend and add to my skills.

PS: I just broke a tooth as I was writing this and having dinner, which means I’ll probably have to work a bit more than I wished in the next couple of weeks, as I just started to build a savings cushion. Oh well. Time to soldier on!!

PS2: I did 9h15′ of coding last week. I’m back!!!

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