Back to Coding!

In the past few days I’ve been slowly getting back into studying. I haven’t done any coding yet. Yeah, I know, there’s no use talking about coding, reading about it, thinking about it, if I’m not actually WRITING code. But I decided to invest my next few study hours into getting a certification. I decided to go for Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900. It seems easy enough not to break my balls but hard enough to challenge me and make me grow. 

Also now that I’m making a bit more money the fee is affordable so there are no more excuses not to have an official certification in my CV. I love the stuff I’m studying. I love working with data and databases. I have to go down that road. There isn’t a lot of hype around learning SQL or NoSQL but this stuff lies in the core of any application. Plus, have I said I love it? Sounds like a great idea to become a specialist in databases. 

Oh and I’m on track to reach the 7hs goal established in the last post. Go me! 

New Mouse

My previous mouse, a concoction from J. Burrows, which I got from my boss during quarantine for work, was giving me a lot of grief. It’s a nightmare to have your flow disrupted by constant disconnections. I was literally disconnected every minute. To the point where I started using the frustration as a character building exercise. Anger management course 101. I’m very happy that in all these months I contained the throw it against the wall. Many times I imagined the pleasure I’d get from shattering it to pieces.

Hopefully those days are gone. I just got a Logitech Pebble M350. I was aiming for something with a cord to avoid being hostage of any sort of technology subject to interference but it seems like cords are no longer a thing. Let’s hope I won’t be throwing mouses around anytime soon. 

Logitech Pebble M350

New iPhone

I don’t need a new phone. Mine serves the purpose. But inspired by Steve Jobs’ Biography and my desire to keep my computer attachment (yes we’re cyborgs and phones are our computer extensions) up-to-date, I acquired the new iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t buy it. Or at least not directly. I just increase my phone bill in 10$ and now I have a brand new iPhone 12 Pro Max, whatever that is. I’m not a device fanatic but I’m willing to learn a bit more about them to share my experiences in this blog. I want to see how it will enhance my life: Driving an Uber, studying, communicating, tracking all of my data and whatever other uses I find for it. 

I always felt like I’ve underused my phones for sheer lack of curiosity to know what they’re capable of. I’ve only started using Siri a few months ago and it’s super useful when I’m driving an Uber. Let’s see what else I’ll learn about it in the next few days!

Now shut up and back to work, Pablo!

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