The Art of Computer Programming

I’m writing at 530pm on Saturday and I’m only 30 hours away from the new year. The new year for me starts on the first day of the week, which this time means Monday, December the 28th. 

It was a productive day, testing the systems I plan to use in the new year and with some advance in coding, both on the building and on the studying sides. I’ve also made progress in the “life admin” department, getting a Costco card, for cheaper petrol and wholesale products and a Fly Buys card, the affiliate system used by Coles and Kmart in Australia. I use those two stores a lot, so it’s a good idea to accumulate points that can be later exchanged.

The Book

I’ve started studying my new book , “The Art of Computer Programming”, today. The first chapter is about the fundamentals of algorithms, with explanations going all the way back to the first mathematicians. Fantastic stuff to read. 

Very early on I stumbled upon the first evidence of my mathematical ineptitude. I couldn’t figure out how the remainder of 119/544 was 119 and I was almost writing a question about it on stackexchange/maths when I decided to do my due diligence better and search it properly. Of course it was easy to find. I presume there are infinite resources for mathematics online and I’ll be using those a lot. It’s a super dense book, but as I said yesterday, I’ve got to come out of it smarter, and better at programming.

I’m using “mind mapping” for better study and retention of the book. I’ll be discussing this subject intensely in this blog. I’ve been delving into mnemonics and can’t wait to apply my new learnings in my studies. 


I’ve also gained ground in my Ionic App. So many cool components! I’m almost finishing the front-end and can’t wait to jump into the user input and dealing with data, always my favourite part in any app.

Two more sleeps and the new year is here for me!! 

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