Apple Developer Program

This week I’ve been working with two main goals. The first is to develop a landing page on WordPress for a friend. She’s running workshops and wants a simple page for her clients to understand what she wants and purchase a pass. As much as I don’t love working with front-end, this project serves a few purposes. First, to help a friend that helped me enormously in my Australian journey. Second, it’s yet another project I can include on my Portfolio, and last but not least, it forces me to think of pure design, front-end developing and UX/UI. I’ve been spending most of my hours working with back-end stuff so this project helps me become a more well-rounded developer.

And to be honest, I really like working with WordPress and Elementor. Elementor makes it easy for anyone to create a fancy website without any coding. The learning curve isn’t steep at all and there are plenty of good tutorials out there. It’s such a good tool that it makes me want to branch out that way, but then again ANYONE can create a good front-end with these tools so I think the profits in this area will be increasingly diluted. But I’ll probably use it to create the first version of my portfolio, as I plan to get it out in the world before Xmas. 

iOS Development

The second goal is to create a small app with real life importance for my salsa students. Basically it’s a small gallery of salsa moves with the name, description and a small video. It’s a very simple app and I created a prototype in less than 48hs first starting with Ionic. The next stage is to release it to a few people and get them to download and use it on Android and iPhone devices. I’ll use the “Ad-Hoc” deployment, which allows me to distribute it to a hundred users.

For that I had to enrol in Apple Developer Program for 150AUD, which is a fortune right now but it’s totally worth it. As I said in my last blog, I think branching into app development is a good idea and I should do it before it becomes as easy to create an app as it is to create a website right now.

So that is it for now!! Back to coding! There’s a ton of stuff to be done before the year ends. 

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