Building Mobile Apps!

After writing my last post I started an tutorial on Ionic. I can’t quite remember what dragged me into it but after doing a quick Youtube research I jumped into Udemy and found out my favourite teacher (Max Such) had a tutorial!! His teaching style suits my needs so I decided to purchase the course. It was a great 12$ investment. 

Coming from an Angular background it took me only one day to put together my first app, a tiny, simple, straightforward recipes application running on an emulator. I have to buy a cable to run it on my phone and that will have to wait due to budget constraints. But definitely by January I’ll have my first app running on iOS and Android. If I thought Angular was fun, Ionic is even more!!!


Focusing on apps is a tiny course correction that goes a long way for two reasons. First, the code base is almost identical to running web apps, so one skill won’t prevent me from getting better in the other. Second, these days anyone can build a website, but only developers can build apps. If I can build decent apps I can start approaching businesses straight away, the way website developers would do ten years ago when it wasn’t so easy to build a website. 

Having said that, I’m pretty sure in a couple of years there will be an equivalent to WordPress for building apps, so any child will be able to make an app. There might even be something like that already, but I’m writing this blog post without doing any research on the subject.

Strategies For Life

I love discussing hacks and strategies for life and if there’s one thing that I have recently implemented and that improved my life a lot is napping in the middle of the day. I’ve napped before and even had consistent spells but for the first time I’m taking it as an absolute necessity in life management. It’s simple. If I nap, the second half of my day is way more pleasant and productive than If I don’t. 

If I skip napping for whatever reason, by 4 or 5 PM I’m already yawning and struggling to focus. I absolutely hate feeling tired. That’s not to mention the struggle that it is to stay awake later at night. Yesterday I didn’t have time to nap and at night I was catching up with a friend and I was so tired I was almost falling asleep mid-conversation. What a horrible feeling. 

The good thing is that I’ve developed the ability to nap anywhere, even in a light room. All I have to do is find time to lay down and cover my eyes with some cloth or a shirt and I’ll fall asleep. And it doesn’t have to be long either. I’ve had five minutes naps that already recharged me. But if the room is really quiet and dark, a thirty minute nap will energise me until it’s time to sleep. 

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