Back To Adult Life!

And I have finally completed my second portfolio project!! It’s an application to manage an archive for an insurance company. It’s very exciting because the final version of this application has a chance of actually being deployed for real use of real costumers in a real company. And in England! Which adds some gravitas to the whole thing. 

I sent the code to my mentor and I’m sure it will be tore apart and have to be completely rewritten. But it does everything it’s supposed to do and it’s a great step toward completing the production-ready app. 

The next step is to get more comfortable with Azure. My idea is to have a separate Azure Web App for each of the projects in my portfolio so they never die, as it’s often the case in portfolio projects. I might start mixing Firebase and AWS for the server stuff to add technologies to my CV as well but that will only happen when I’m absolutely comfortable with Azure. Not only I need to be able to create resources seamlessly but also with the minimum possible cost. I’m currently paying around 35$ a month for Azure and I don’t want any costs added to that.


Public transportation days are almost over!! 😅Pablomobile (Mazda 3 2007) has already been acquired, now all I have to do Is get my license (hopefully on the 11th) and hit the roads!

After getting stopped by the police in March 2019, I haven’t been able to use a car. I had no problem figuring out Queensland’s public transportation system and pushing through, always using my commute type to study or work. But it’s hard to deny that a car-less life is just more difficult. 

Three aspects of my life were severely affected. The first was my social life. While I was just in Brisbane, it wasn’t very hard to catch up with my friends but when I started commuting several times a week to the Sunshine Coast, the time for my coffee catch ups just disappeared. 

Then there’s dancing. I’ve been thriving as a teacher in my new job but the ability to go social dancing, which is a very important component of this trade, was severely hindered. The parties usually finish late, which means that going to a party affects my sleep and the entire flow of my next day, which is too costly.

And the last one is the ability to stock food so I don’t have to go to the supermarket almost every day. It’s time consuming and I end up  not eating as well as I could because there’s always something missing. Having a car I can just buy all the tuna and beans I need for a month, so meal prep becomes easy and so does keeping food intake discipline

Fortnight Challenge

Now that I finally have a couple of apps completed I feel I can create more time for writing in this space. So I’m creating a challenge where I’ll be posting seven times during the next 14 days. 😁 But now…. Back to coding! 

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