I’m a Full Stack Developer!

So much has happened in the last few weeks! So much to write about. But I’ll concentrate on the most important thing. For the first time I’ve created and published a full-stack application. I can call myself a full-stack developer! Right now I can say I can create a back-end API with Asp.NET Core, the front-end with Angular Material, the authentication with Firestore, with the database and deployment powered by Azure. 

Budget app’s CRUD Page

I totally understand there’s a long way to go to become a good full-stack developer, but nonetheless, I have that skill.  And the sky is the limit from here. From now to the end of 2021 my goal is to have a portfolio with 12 applications so I can impress recruiters. I’m thinking of an average of one application a month, plus one month to develop the portfolio itself. 
Some of App ideas I have are: 

  • Companies system
  • Sleep tracker
  • Online Store
  • Sports-bets tracker 
  • Language Learning App

I think one month is a good time to create a wide but also deep enough portfolio with many interesting functionalities and interesting front-end, but if it takes me a bit longer I don’t mind. 

Budget app’s login page


I’ve been trying to narrow down my lines of work so I don’t get lost in the ocean of possibilities the internet provides. Right now my priority is the creation of a portfolio with 4 apps. That’s absolutely urgent so I can start applying for jobs with something to show recruiters.

Second in the line comes creating the Archive system my mentor offered me to help with my learning. The budget app I created uses the same technologies and database design as the archive, so I’m on my way to complete it. I’m still curious about if and how it will be applied to his portal. 
And third, which is probably the one I’m most excited about, is the creation of YouTube tutorials. This also ties with the first two, as I can use them as a base for my beginner tutorials and It’s always good to point my viewers to a decent website when they look me up.

There’s so much going on! I’ll post more in the next few days. I think it will work better if I make shorter posts, so I don’t feel like it’s an enormous time-effort and end up not doing it. 
Back soon! I hope 😀

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