Creating My Brand

My brain goes back and forth with the name of the brand: Cappuccino Codes (or coding), but I’m trying not to overthink it too much and always go back to advice given many times by Tim Ferriss and his guests: Focus on content, not in Marketing. 

So I obviously don’t want to overlook the design of my brand and do something ugly, but I don’t want to spend too much time in branding right now. The focus needs to be on creating quality content and everything else will follow naturally. Once there’s success and money as a consequence, I can always recalibrate my branding with professionals.

Having said that, I created an Instagram account (@cappuccinocodes) and a new domain for the blog, which I want to become a platform with more content in the future.

Content Production

I had an excellent start this Thursday, coding for six hours with the sole focus of putting together a CRUD application with an Angular front-end. That will be the first item in my portfolio and my first tutorial. I created a super simple api without any advanced concept: It’s synchronous, it doesn’t have DTOs nor it uses the repository pattern. I would even avoid Linq queries but that’s probably too much. Maybe one day? 

The Angular part was a bit painful. It took me two hours to debug a single typo, which led me to learn that I have to look at the network tab of the inspector to help me troubleshoot stuff. Hopefully I can get all of it done by tomorrow and even connect it to Azure, which would be an advanced part of the tutorial. So far I’ve completed the “Post” part of the front end and I’m looking forward to complete Get, Delete and Put later tonight. Tomorrow I’ll do the Azure part. 

After that obviously I have to go back to the project I’m developing for my mentor, which I accidentally deleted yesterday. This whole branding thing might sound like a waste of time given the main objective, which is working with him, but it’s all part of the learning journey


I’ve been trying to commute walking without listening to anything so I can put my brain to work on my ideas for tutorials. The idea is to have many apps in various stages of development, using different technologies and architectural styles. For example, someone might be looking for a CRUD app with Angular 10, with nothing else. Someone else might want the same but with the repository pattern. Someone else might want all of that but also with Data Transfer Objects to support. Some people might muck around with a generic repository and units of work, some might not. 

Also different projects will use different database relations: Many-to-one, many-to-many (as shown above), one-to-one, and so forth.   There’s nothing out there covering all of these bases in one stop shop and I want to provide it. I’ll obviously learn a lot in the process and adjust according to my viewers requests. 

Well!! Time to go back to coding, see ya later!

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