The Ultimate App

In my coding studies I’ve been experimenting with apps that will deal with data tracked from my personal activities and habits. “What you can measure you can improve”, Tim Ferriss always says. I’ve done many small applications to track my sleep, daily activities, budget, amongst others. So I couple of days ago it clicked! I should just create an app with multiple controllers for all of them. 
It will be more technically challenging than an app with only a couple of controllers. It will probably have a couple of dozen, and a database with as many tables, which will provide a great use case for things like a generic repository and unit of work. 

I started it today, with a “Sleep Controller”, to handle data related to my sleeping habits,  with a slightly different approach from all the courses I’ve seen. Usually people start with the full API and then move on to Angular, or vice-versa, but I decided to build it in parallel. I want things to show up on the Front-End asap. 

I created a super simple API with a get request and linked it to a basic Angular front-end and I’ll ONLY create functionalities that are actually useful to me. On this app I won’t create anything for the sake of creating it. I just learned today about the YAGNI principle and it sounds like music to my ears:

“You aren’t gonna need it” (YAGNI) is a principle of extreme programming (XP) that states a programmer should not add functionality until deemed necessary.”

How beautiful is this?

Below is literally what my app looks like right now, with two “sleep records” fetched from a SQL Server powered by Docker and accessed by Angular through an API. Not very appealing for the general public but for a coding student that knows what’s going on behind the scenes, this is gorgeous. 

My Relationship with Food

One of the things I’ll be tracking in the “Ultimate App”, is my food intake. My eating habits have changed so much in the last couple of months that one wouldn’t think we’re talking about the same person. I’ve ALWAYS had breakfast as soon as I woke up, I never thought there was another option in life. That’s what you do, right? Wake up, and head to the kitchen. I didn’t even use to brush my teeth before breakfast.

Now everything has changed. I never have breakfast and I’ll always fast for at least 12 hours (on the bad days). This week I started with two decent efforts (15h50 and 19h20 of fasting) and I plan to keep pushing those limits. My idea right now is to have an average of 16h a day and try to push for records about once a fortnight. I don’t think I’ve fasted for more than 21hs since I started. 

The transformations on my body seem very positive. I’m definitely leaner, but have also lost some muscle. But I think it still looks ok. Now I plan to maintain my current physique and add some muscle by the sheer volume of lifting. I haven’t decreased any weights since I started fasting, which means my strength and muscular capacity haven’t been affected. Will find out more in the next few  weeks

Future of The Blog

There’s so much more that I want to talk about but I don’t want to go into long form just yet. Definitely a plan for the future, but right now I’ll try as hard as I can to post consistent small posts like this one and maybe release a longer one monthly

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