There’s still a long way to go but I’m getting increasingly comfortable working with APIs. I can create a CRUD application in no time, connect it to SQLite or Azure and test everything using Postman.

The missing piece of the puzzle is Microsoft SQL Server Studio. Somehow I haven’t been able to access it from Azure Studio because I couldn’t cross the bridge from Mac to Windows Parallels. That also means Parallels is virtually useless right now. I’m in the bus on my way to have a meeting with my mentor to discuss this. He’s just starting using Docker and we might go over it’s setup so I can get rid of windows once and for all. One of the beauties of Neil Cummings course is that he does everything in VS Code using the command line so I can code .net stuff in any computer and any IDE.


😀 Yeah! This part is being written after the meeting and Docker is now configured in my machine so I can run a SQL server without parallels. My friend also showed me this tool called SQL comparer that helps with database modifications, which I literally have to do all the time when studying.

It seems like my API is ok, it does what it’s supposed to do, but I need to change some names to fit his main project and implement the Unit Of Work pattern because he uses it in his projects. So this is what I’ll be doing this week, implementing unit of work in all my projects and playing with Docker 😍

Last Week

In the last post I wrote my weeks time tracking results but that was actually from Week 38, compared with with 37. So now I have the results of Week 39. Let’s see:

– Coding: 21h26′ (23h56’) (26h19’)

– Sleep: 43h56’ (44h01’) (44h02’)

– Commute: 12h47’ (16h36’) (15h35’). This isn’t counting the hours in which I’m coding in the train

– Social: 16h41’ (11h28’) (6h27’)

– Work: 35h14’ (27h35’) (34h10’)

– All of the above: 130h04’ (123h36’) (126h33’)

– Percentage: 77.3% (73.5%) (75.2%)

Now that I can create databases easily I’ll create an app to track and do the maths on my habits automatically. In terms of database design it’s quite simples because it’s just a bunch of numbers without complex inter table relationships.

PS: I’m in the end of a 16h fast and I feel fantastic! 🤗

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