Senna and my love for Databases

Clearly I’ve been struggling to post but at least it’s not out of laziness. I just want to use all my free time to code. Or at least I like to think so, but when I look at my tracker I’m always able to find 6 to 7 weekly procrastination hours.

Last week my numbers weren’t too bad. Here’s some data with the previous weak in brackets.

– Coding: 23h56’ (26h19’)

– Sleep: 44h01’ (44h02’)

– Commute: 16h36’ (15h35’). This isn’t counting the hours in which I’m coding in the train

– Social: 11h28’ (6h27’)

– Work: 27h35’ (34h10’)

– All of the above: 123h36’ (126h33’)

– Percentage: 73.5% (75.2%)

It was an excellent week in terms of coding progress. I haven’t got much done concretely but I’ve gotten way better at understand how .Net API works with a few excellent Pluralsight courses combined with an the good old Udemy “Building an E-Commerce” course.

I’ve also dig into database design on Pluralsight. I absolutely love working with data. I remember having spreadsheets for everything since childhood. It was always part of the way my brain operates.

Being a Formula 1 fan in my early days I remember getting dad to draw a table so I could mark the points for the races I would organise with my plastic F1 car. Obviously I was biased and Senna always managed to win 😆. Later I learned to design the tables myself. Good old times of no serious preoccupations!

Life vs Coding

My relationships are suffering a bit because of my current life set up. I’m in Sunshine Coast for half the week and when I’m in Brisbane, I’m mostly coding. So I haven’t been able to call my family regularly or catch up with my best friend as I was doing before. But I think the friendships that matter will stand the test of time. I’d rather be a bit selfish now so I have more to offer later on.

I do miss writing though. I have to find the time to write at least every second day. New challenge? 😀

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