28hs of Coding

Hi! I’m trying to blog while in the bus. Usually I get motion sickness from looking at my phone in buses (doesn’t happen in trains) but I have to try it so I can blog more often. Let’s see how it goes.

After a very exhausting weekend dedicated to work for the most part, the week started with a couple of successful coding days of 4 hours each. So my objective will be to code for 28hs in the week, which is a good starting point if I actually want to become a decent programmer.

I’m back to my first .Net tutorial. I gave up on it after a few days having realised I need a better foundation in c# and after a few months of courses, tutorials and creating small applications I’m coming back to it with a way better understanding of what’s going on.

In this tutorial, the excellent Neil Cummings uses the repository design pattern to create an asp.net project with an api (creating controllers from scratch) and later attaches an angular front-end to it.

So yeah after the long winding road of figuring out .Net I’m finally creating the application for my apprenticeship. It will be interesting to see how it will fit into the architecture of the whole application. It will be great to learn how to work in a team.


On Sunday I ate pretty early, at 11am but it was after a huge Saturday where I fasted for 20hs and I felt very week so I didn’t want to push for another day, especially because I had to teach for four hours in the end of the fasting period.

But I can see the results of teaching my body to use fat so I’ll keep experimenting. I’m definitely fasting for at least 12hs everyday and the next step is to have a couple of 20hs days, slowly pushing my limit to 24 to 36hs periods.

Let’s see if I can get a 6-pack for the first time!!

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