Late Night Alumni


I had the Friday almost entirely free ahead of a massive Saturday of work in dance and I took the opportunity to get another five hours of coding in. I spent at least half the time debugging but I don’t consider it a waste of time, as all the time is spent looking at code, which makes .NET increasingly familiar.

I skipped a few parts of the EF Core course that get into very specific tools so I could start the C# Design Patterns course to learn the repository pattern. I’ll probably go back to the EF course later to close the gaps. But I feel a certain urgency to start working on the project my mentor gave me, hence why I expedited things a little bit. I think I’ll be able to start working on the actual code for the project on Sunday after finishing the repository course so I can have a meeting with my mentor possibly on Sunday with the API ready to go and aiming to having it integrated to his system.

That’s the beauty of the repository pattern. I’ll be able to use interfaces coded by him years go to avoid code repetition. It’s a beautiful concept and I’m looking forward to learn more about it. I’ll probably create my own project in parallel to get fluency in the concept.


Today I achieve 17hs of fasting and I felt fantastic for the most part. I’m still very hungry at around lunch time but I’m getting used to it and I don’t have collateral effects like dizziness or headaches. I’m also lifting the same loads I used to lift (in some exercises).

I’ve realised that low-intensity exercise doesn’t do any harm. I’ve danced for a couple of hours yesterday and today while fasting and felt great. Tomorrow I’ll teach for five straight hours in the end of my fasting and will probably only eat after 18hs. It will be an interesting test.

In The Zone

I’ve gotten pretty good at choosing the right audio inputs for my day. If I want to feel productive and focused I play my “Lounge” playlist. It’s my “in the zone” list and it sharpens my mind. In the mornings or when I’m allowing myself to relax a little bit, my go to is my “Road Trip” list. And right now I’m working on my “Night Time” playlist, having rediscovered the amazing Late Night Alumni band, a good old favourite from my poker days in the beginning of the last decade. See links below.

Time to sleep!!

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