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My current routine has been preventing me from posting daily. I’ve been coding in the mornings and going to the gym at night (usually after teaching), which means I’m truly exhausted by the end of the day. When I first started this blog I’d post first thing in the morning, but right now all I want when I wake up is dive into coding, hence why I haven’t been posting so much. But yes, in the ideal world, this would be a daily practice.

.Net learning

This week has been very productive in terms of learning but not so much in terms of getting things done. But that’s ok, I’m laying the foundations of knowledge for the app I need to create. Right now I’m diving into the excellent Entity Framework Core: Getting Started, by the amazing teacher Julie Lerman. Her explanations have a clarity that I envy and I will definitely try to emulate in my own teachings. I’ve managed to code for more than five hours twice in a row, which is great!

This course will be followed by another course on Repository Design Pattern, which is one of the most common patterns for C# and it’s the one it’s required by my mentor for this app. I tried to start straight with this course, but had to go back into the EF Core course because it was clear I was lacking depth, even though I’ve had used it before.


I’ve been experimenting with fasting and I’m absolutely loving it. I haven’t done anything overly hardcore yet but I haven’t had breakfast for about 10 days now, having fasted for periods ranging from 12 to 16 hours every day. Today I had decided to push into the 18 hours territory but I got offered an irrecusable vegan pizza for free and I just couldn’t not let it go.

I’ve already leaned down a little bit but my looks are still acceptable. I’m an endomorph (aka skinny) so I’m afraid decreasing my body fat will make me look starved but since it’s not an irreversible thing I’m willing to give it a shot. If I end up looking like Gandhi I can always get back to eating hard and putting weight back on.

Ok time to get ready to sleep so I can start coding early tomorrow!! 😴

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