Wednesday is my only day off so I was planning to code all day but in the morning I got confronted with severe storage issues on my Macbook Air. When I bought it last November I had no idea I would need so much space for coding. But with the 50gb Parallels occupy I’ve been spending a lot of time in the past month fighting for megabytes and it’s become a bottleneck for my coding work.

So I bought a new computer. It’s exactly the same I have right now, a Macbook Air, but the 2020 version and this time with 512gb of space. I assume it will be enough to carry me through the next couple of years. The only problem is that after this purchase I’m absolutely broke. I used all of the savings I had created after having gone broke due to Covid. I’m not overly upset about it because it’s an investment, but it doesn’t feel fantastic to have zero dollars (again). So it’s time to restart!!!


I’ve also used my day off to spend time with a few friends and to go to the movies for the first time in about 18 months. I watched Christopher Nolan’s last movie, Tenet. It was great to be back at the movie theatre! I loved the movie, but I didn’t like the general experience. I explain. Because the plot is so intricate it was impossible to figure out what was going on from about 30′ into it. I knew from the beginning this was the type of production that I’d have to watch again, pausing and going back and forth to make sense of it. I’ll probably do it at some point.

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