Database Normalisation

In the first day of the month I spent my coding time looking at Pluralsight’s database design course, more specifically the database normalisation part. It’s a fascinating topic. I love databases. It’s something I’ll definitely dive deep into. However there’s so much to it! I couldn’t quite get all the details of primary and foreign keys but I think it will come with more time of study and application.

For my real life project, I’ve been fiddling with the database I have to create. In this first stage I’m getting more comfortable with Azure Data Studio and I’m trying to write as much code in SQL as possible so I become more fluent.

Space on My Computer

I’m REALLY struggling with space on my 128 GB Mac. It’s become almost impossible to work with Parallels and all the tools I have to install. I might have to spend all of my savings on an upgrade to make this thing happen. 🙁


Book: Benjaming Franklin: An American Life (Chapter 10)

Podcasts: Biographics Ernest Hemingway, George S. Patton, John Lennon


Coding time: 2:22

Fasting Time: 12:07′

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