Hello, September!


I’m super excited about the coming month. I’m finally working on a real project for a real company. I’ve created websites for individuals, a small business and an event before but this one feels like the real deal. The grown up stuff. It feels like now I’m hanging out with the big boys. 😀

My first task in the real programming world is to create an application with Angular Material, C# and Azure. The idea is fairly simple. A database with an user interface to it. The complex part is to extract data from an Excel Sheet into the database. So I guess in the first few days the objective is just to get the CRUD Application going and then I’ll deal with the extracting, hopefully by the weekend.


My personal project for this month is to create a back log of inputs in this blog. What does it mean? It means I’ll be keeping one post with the summary of some of the stuff I’ve done during the month. It will be updated every time I update the blog. It will be a list with all the videos, podcasts, books, songs and any other form of input I have in the month.

The idea is to easily track this stuff back so I can send it to my friends (I’m always recommending songs, books and podcasts) and also to keep a record for myself.

The idea is part of a bigger project, which is to track all my activities using software programmed by me.

Well!!! Time to start!! Be back later!

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