The last couple of days were fantastic. I was able to change my routines dramatically and get closer to an ideal environment for coding. I’m 100% motivated to get where I want and the more I’m in front of my computer the more it’s clear in my head. I’m also very excited about how much I have to learn and where I’ll be in a year, in regards to my knowledge.

Being away from facebook for most of the day is a true blessing. I get to fully focus on the stuff I have to do without having my mind going into the conversations I’m having or whatever piece of news I read. I don’t want my social life to suffer ever again as it did for long periods of my life, but I’ll definitely follow through with a very regimented routine.

I haven’t been single for a long time but the upside of not having anyone is that I can allocate all the time in the world to whatever I want. I’ve also been working less hours to free up tons of time blocks for coding. When I commute I’m either studying Italian or reading Reddit. I’m not checking social media on each break as it’s also very distracting. I’m basically checking it somewhere in the afternoon and a little bit at night and that’s it. Loving it!

.NET Training

Today I took another step into Angular + .NET development. After my first painful experience, I cruised through a tutorial to create a CRUD API. It will be my second application in C# and I want to build up on it. But before creating more sophisticated logic I want to connect it to Azure. I see myself as an Angular + .NET + Azure developer in the future and the foundation is almost entirely laid.


Right now I’m listening to the massive audiobook on Benjamin Franklin. What a fascinating character! He seems to be one of the most influential historical figures in America, having touched in many aspects of American life and definitely having been responsible for shaping American values.

My latest podcast, still unfinished, Tim Ferriss’ show with Bob Metcalfe, the creator of Ethernet, and a bunch of short biographical ones: Herman Goering, Idi Amin, John McAfee, Mark Zuckerberg, Timothy McVeigh. Such a great series of podcasts! Short and super informative. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s on Pancho Villa.

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