C# Collections

Yesterday I had an excellent day of teaching. My classes in Sunshine Coast (Queensland, Australia) aren’t big, but I do have a very loyal student base that makes me very happy. Next week we’re going to catch up for drinks for the first time since I started teaching there in December. Sunshine Coast is such a beautiful place and I’m glad I’m creating roots in that part of the world.

.NET Training

Yesterday I did a good job at avoiding distraction, as I discussed in my previous post. I did some studying during my commute in the train and when I was in the bus I did some research for my dance classes. No messenger, whatsapp, Instagram, anything. I did have to check messenger for work purposes, but other than that I was able to avoid being reactive instead of setting my own pace and thoughts.

Instead of watching random Youtube videos or reading stupid news I downloaded Reddit App on my phone so I could read about .NET when I couldn’t be on my computer. There were a few interesting topics discussing architecture and dependency management. It’s every useful to read about the technologies I’m learning so I can fill the gaps in my knowledge and get used to the lingo.

One of the things that I found overwhelming in this first month of .NET was the amount of options I had to start a project. I found tutorials using more than five Visual Studio templates to achieve the same things. But now that I’m reading more about it, I can better understand when to use what.

On Pluralsight I started learning about collections. So far everything is very similar to Java Collections. Arrays and Lists seem to be identical. Today I’ll continue digging into collections and I’ll also study the architecture of the little Angular application I created. My main goal right now is to be able to create an Angular App with Azure. That will get me closer to where I need to be to become my friend’s apprentice.

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