.NET training

Hey folks! I’m very happy to have found I’ve started taking the C# fundamentals course and the teaching is fantastic. You can tell the instructor isn’t only a programmer but an experienced educator. I love the course. I’m flying through it because the syntax is so similar to Java, but we are getting into delegates and IDisposable, stuff that I’ve never seen before, so it should get fun soon.

During the past couple of days I’ve been fiddling with Azure and I’ve also back to Windows Forms to enhance my budget application. I’m learning that it’s so important to document the code. Sometimes I go back into an old app and I’m completely lost. Not only I should be careful enough to create detailed docs but also links to the tutorials I used to learn.


Usually when I write here I’m already exhausted and all I want to do is go to bed, that’s why I’m not posting in detail about the long podcasts I’ve been listening to. My latest discover is a very interesting Biographies podcast. I’ve started listening to it from the oldest. The first two were about Hermann Göring and Idi Amin, two of the most horrific killers of history. But the podcasts are short but yet rich. It’s worth it!

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