Jordan Peterson

I finally fixed the problem I was having to get an Angular app to work with a .NET back end. That made my day. I’ve been battling this problem since last Wednesday and it was hard to the debug because it was so obvious nobody even talked about it on the internet.

What happened was that the tutorials I was following used Visual Studio Code for Angular and Visual Studio for C# and I didn’t use VSC in Windows. That means that I was serving the view on Mac, trying to send data with the help of a CORS package to the back end in Windows. Of course it was never going to help. I don’t think many people had this stupid idea before, hence why the problem wasn’t discussed over the internet. But I realised there was something fundamentally wrong after fiddling with both the front-end and back-end for many hours without moving forward an inch.

Now I understand how to connect Angular to the back-end in C#. The next step is to connect Azure to the equation. Which means I’ll know the basics of the technology interactions I need to know to become my friend’s apprentice. I still have to learn a lot about RxJS, but that will be after dealing with Azure.

Social Gatherings

Yesterday I had my third social gathering after getting my visa and It’s impossible to ignore the positive effect of such activities on me. I’ve learned the importance of belonging to a group as a key component of happiness but it’s my first time experimenting it purposefully, with the awareness of what it does.

Jordan Peterson

Today I had coffee with a friend and he told me the impact of Jordan Peterson’s work on his life. It’s a friend whose endorsements I value highly, so I had to check it out. I had heard about his work from other sources so I listened to his the first episode of his podcast on Spotify and half the second.

There’s no bullshit. He goes straight to the point discussing life’s dilemmas based on a very well-rounded theoretical standpoint. It sounds to me he’s trained both in philosophy and psychology, but I could be wrong. His knowledge is impressive but even more so is his ability to express it. I’ll definitely be touching on his work very frequently in this blog.

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