Stuck with Angular + .Net

I’ve broken a negative record and haven’t posted for four days in a row. Not posting was just one of the cracks I had in my routine during the past four days. I’ve also missed two gym days in a row and my bedroom was as disorganised as it’s ever been since I got my visa.

I don’t think there was only one reason for the debacle but I suspect the biggest one was the persistent frustration I’ve been facing in coding. Since Wednesday night I’ve been stuck with two Angular + .Net Tutorials. I created the APIs (with C# .Net), created the front-end with Angular and I can’t seem to get them to work together. On a side note, I really missed working with Angular! It’s actually so much fun!

However today I think I had a theoretical breakthrough and it came to me what I have to do. I won’t celebrate too early though. The idea came right before work, so I had to leave. But tomorrow If I have some free time I’ll try to finally make this happen. I’ve been losing my sleep over this issue.

Here are two stackoverflow posts about the issues:


I’m glad to be back. Writing here is important for my routine and is a good point of reference for the idea I have of being disciplined. I’m challenging myself to post everyday in August, but it will often be small posts as I’ll have some long days.

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