Month: August 2020

Bad Sleep

Lately I have intensified my social life to the detriment of my health. That phrase sounds like it would come out of a drunkard’s mouth but the foe in this case is caffeine. Since I moved to Toowong I found great cafes to have conversations with friends. My favourite is The Boundary Hotel in West …

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The last couple of days were fantastic. I was able to change my routines dramatically and get closer to an ideal environment for coding. I’m 100% motivated to get where I want and the more I’m in front of my computer the more it’s clear in my head. I’m also very excited about how much …

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.NET training Hey folks! I’m very happy to have found I’ve started taking the C# fundamentals course and the teaching is fantastic. You can tell the instructor isn’t only a programmer but an experienced educator. I love the course. I’m flying through it because the syntax is so similar to Java, but we are …

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