Angular + Entity Framework

ASP.NET Training

I was going to start my Entity Framework studies with Windows Forms but I decided to give it a go and try to create some basic WebApplication with Angular and EF. It literally took me two hours to go over 20 minutes of tutorials jus to configure the project to follow a simple CRUD tutorial.

Even though it’s challenging I’m still happy to be something of smaller scale together before I return to the full-fledge application that’s the base of my previous course. The tutorial isn’t long, just 1h40 and if I finish without any unsolvable issues I think I’ll have a basic understanding of how things work in terms of architecture.


I’ve been listening to my book on Ben Franklin and Tim Ferriss is still looping on my phone whenever I have the chance but practicing Italian is occupying a big chunk of my attention. That’s why I haven’t mentioned podcasts in a while.

Another contributing factor is the change of my gym time. Previously I’ve been going to the gym first thing, always with a new podcast. Now I don’t commute to the gym anymore as it’s near work. In the bus I’m studying Italian and when I use my bike to go I’d rather listen to music.

But I’ll be posting the interesting stuff I’ve been listening to soon.

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