A Good Sunday

I’ve had an excellent Sunday. The two activities that define my identity, coding and dancing, went really well, so it was a satisfying day. I created a couple more functionalities on my Budget App. I’ll keep working on it tomorrow, but in the morning my priority is to try to create the same app using Entity Framework instead of ADO.NET. I think later on I will benefit from having learning both.

I also need to have a better look at error handling in C#. I had a good idea of what it was all about in Java, even though I haven’t used it that much by myself, but in C# I only have a vague idea. I suppose it’s similar to Java.


I had fantastic classes yesterday. We got rid of a class that had a bad time slot so all the classes were busy. Teaching empty classes affects my mood so I’ll avoid it at all costs from now on. I did it too many times in the last year. Now that I don’t have to worry about going back to Brazil I can just say no to more stuff.

Time Track

This week I lost track of my activities at about Wednesday and I couldn’t be bothered continuing. I’ll try my best to do it again this week. I might even create a small app to store it so kill two birds with a shot.


Back on track!! After missing last weeks Friday, I went to the gym eight days in a row so I could have the Sunday off and now I’m back on track!

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