My First C# App!

Today was a great day of coding! I’ve completed a fully functional C# Budget App. It performs all CRUD operations and it also filters records by date, category or both at the same time. It was the culmination of close to three weeks of hard navigate the unknown waters of a new language and a new framework.

For this app I used Windows Forms for the interface, ADO.NET with Table Adapter for the behind the scenes and SQL Server for the database.

Tomorrow I’ll try to add some more functionalities to the app and improve error handling and general UX . After that I’ll put it to rest and start creating the same app with Entity Framework.


Today I finished Pride and Prejudice. What a fantastic book. I’ll probably go back to the book every once in a while to steal some interesting words and expressions. The language is so rich! I quickly jumped on Audible to get a new book and, following the plan to alternate fiction and non-fiction I got Benjamin Franklin’s biography.

I’m happy I’ve been pretty consistent in studying Italian whenever I have to do stuff like flossing or waiting at a bus stop. It’s becoming second nature to use that type of time to do something useful other than scroll on Facebook or whatever.

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