Two days without posting! Am I losing the discipline? Looks like yeah. They were also two days without coding. I had a day off of work before teaching in Sunshine Coast so I decided to go a day before, but I just couldn’t sit down to code as I planned.

.NET training

But today I had a solid 4h17′. I’m happy I completed a super simple version of a Windows Forms App with CRUD functionalities but I’ve done zero coding for that. All I did was to install a “table adapter” to a “Dataset”, which means I connected my view to my database and the table adapter creates the queries automatically with a “Query Builder”.

It’s all nice and pretty but it almost feels like I’m working on WordPress dragging and dropping things. I have zero knowledge of how to get the data and do something with it with actual code (example: to get the sum of all values in a table in a date range.

But tomorrow I have a massive chunk of time for coding so I’ll definitely find out how to do it. Once I find it out and I’m able to create a couple of functionalities I’ll go into Entity Framework a bit deeper as this is the way my “mentor” connects to the database so I should be focusing on that. But I still think it’s valuable to know the basics of ADO.NET.


I had forgotten how music can produce emotions and I’m realising it again by studying Italian through music. I’ll come back to that tomorrow but for now I’ll just post my favourite song so far:

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