First miss

For the first time yesterday I didn’t post. I arrived home after midnight and was half asleep so I had to give it a miss. I’m still proud of my record. I posted for 35 days in a row, which is a sign I’m building the discipline I’ll need to become a coder.

.NET Training

Yesterday I found out a fancy screensaver I got when I bought my Macbook Air was occupying 30gb of space of my 128gb HD. I was struggling to keep downloading the tools I needed to learn .NET and all of the sudden, this great surprise. I found out by displaying the hidden files in my system. It was a great surprise.

After fumbling around with C# and .NET for a couple of weeks now, I’m building my first app using Windows Forms and ASP.NET. I’ll build a very simple version to put on my portfolio. I like the idea of using windows forms first so that I don’t have to learn C# plus ASP.NET at the same time, which I’m finding too much at the moment


In the past few days I’ve been listening to a lot of Italian music. Even if I don’t understand the lyrics perfectly at least I’m getting my listening sharper. Plus I listened to an interview by Fabio Capello. I suspect we can learn a lot from listening to people talk. I also have many people I can speak Italian with, which is very helpful.

Here’s a playlist with the Italian songs I’ve been listening, some of them classics:

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