I had an awful start of the day. I indulged in too much rum last night and had my cognitive capacity significantly decreased in the first few hours of my day. I think it’s ok to have some sort of distraction from my coding obsession and wind down on my routine sometimes including substance use but I just hate the way I felt in those hours. Not sure it’s worth it.


I did have another big day of work so coding was limited to 3.5 pomodoros. As previously planned, I start reviewing the app I’m created to better understand it. I went back to the beginning of the course and I’m reviewing the process of folders and classes creation so I can map out the API before I move on.

The combination of many layers of classes with the novelties of C# Core were too much for my newbie brain. But I’ll try not to go too deep into the core of the language. I’ll learn as I need it. Right now I’m interested in lambda expressions. They’re everywhere in the application and I’m not fluent in that particular area.


I’m exhausted so I won’t post about today’s podcast, but here are a couple of interesting videos I watched today. I was interested in real footage of Marine Corps bootcamps and I also want to know who are the most famous motivational speakers of our time. I found out about this Eric Thomas guy. I think even some intrinsically super motivated would benefit from this guy’s energy:

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