I don’t want to be unforgiving but I had the second day in a row of no coding and I’m pretty disappointed with myself. I’ll never be a programmer if I have spells of 48 hours coding for less than an hour. Ok, I understand I had to commute for 6 hours and had two big days of work but I could have done better.

On a positive note, I’ve been successful at tracking my time during this week so by the end of Sunday I’ll have a pretty good idea of how my life is being spent. As Tim Ferriss likes to say, what you can measure, you can improve.


I’ve also failed to go to the gym for the first time since Covid-19. I have to be really really careful to avoid messing with my routines. It starts exactly like today. I have to aggressively get back on track ASAP. So because I didn’t go this Friday that means I’ll have to compensate on Sunday and work out every day for eight days, non-negotiable.

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