After a month posting daily I failed a day due to being busy teaching in Sunshine Coast. This is a great opportunity for me to exercise the ability of preventing a dent in an established habit from disrupting that habit. So here I am writing in the train back home.

It was great to leave town again after four months of Covid. Things seem to be normal in Sunshine Coast. There’s no social distance or whatsoever but I think everyone is relaxed because there hasn’t been a case in several days.

I think it’s too early too lower our guards though. Things could change in a blink of an eye as Victoria showed us. Our borders with New South Wales are open and cases are increasing over there.


I didn’t have many available hours in the morning but made a tiny bit of progressive in my ASP.NET course. However I’m now making a map of the file and class structure of the application so I can better understand it.

I’ll also create diagrams for the flow of operations so I can understand how data is being moved around within the app. I should have done it from the beginning but now the app grew too big to keep going without it.


I was back to the gym after my 3 day break and with it I’m back to podcasts. Today’s episode was with Doris Kearns Goodwin, an American Historian that worked for Lyndon Johnson and became a specialist in the biographies or presidents. Very interesting conversation about the life and habits of people like Lincoln, Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy and other great guys that ruled America.

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