ASP.NET Training

Today was an interesting day. After another couple of hours delving into my ASP.NET course I felt the necessity of going back a little and trying to understand more of C# core. I was feeling a bit lost with many things that I can’t quite relate to Java such as the Expression Class.

But then I lost a few hours trying to find the best resource to Study. Head First C# first edition had to be abandoned because it’s a 2008 book and Visual Studio doesn’t offer some of the stuff required to follow the book. I then downloaded 3rd edition from 2013 but then switched to another book, Beginning C#. I skimmed over the first 70 pages to jump into the actual coding but then I was already a bit tired. At least now I know where to start from tomorrow.

After that I went into the previously bought C# course from Udemy and went over some of the basics. I created my first application using Windows Forms, a simple digital clock, but then it stuck with the idea that I had to deploy it. I can run it on my Windows Parallel but I couldn’t get it to Run on my old Windows PC.

So why am I trying to deploy a digital clock? Well I finally created the skeleton for my portfolio. I linked my domain to my Inmotion Hosting and Installed WordPress in it. The site is already live but I’ll only publish it here when it’s ready. The idea is to start creating small applications to give my future employers an idea of my evolution as a software engineer.

My vision for my portfolio is to have dozens of applications of all kinds. I want to start deploying small applications that will be enhanced with time. I’m not sure how to go about deploying my non-web stuff on my portfolio but it seems like I can do it on the cloud.

I’ll keep doing that tomorrow but not without moving forward on my Asp.NET MVC course, because my final goal is to be able to partner up with my mentor as a developer.

So overall it wasn’t a day of concrete coding done, but I did lay the foundations for the next few weeks of learning.

Arts and Gym

Today was my last day of fitness vacation. After working out uninterruptedly since the gyms reopened I needed some rest so I took 3 days off. Tomorrow I’m back to lifting. I feel recharged and training tomorrow should be awesome. I also took the chance to stay away from podcasts in the last four days. I’m also returning to them with renewed appreciation.

But in the arts territory I discovered two very interesting things. The first is a French pop-folk band called Cocoon. Their last album is the best thing I’ve discovered in music in a while. Fantastic feel-good music carefully composed and produced. Very very good stuff. There’s a chance it will be a big part of my 2020 soundtrack.

The second one was this series called Master of None with Aziz Ansari. Very light-hearted but clever comedy that deals with some of the dilemmas of modern urban life. It’s still early to say it’s a great series but the first episode impressed me. And the 25 minute format fits my current reality where I’m not interest in sitting for an hour to watch something very frequently. I can probably watch an episode daily and then a movie every week or fortnight.

Watching these things will be very good for me right now because of my lack of geographical variation. I think I’ve probably been living within a 5km area for close to 3 months now. Tomorrow will be my first time away from Brisbane City in four month. Going to Sunshine Coast to start teaching zouk again. 🙂

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