Pride and Prejudice

Java Training

First day of the month and I studied Java for 13 pomodoros (5h30″). I haven’t studied for that long in a long time. I’ll try as hard as I can to maintain an average of 4hs a day in July.

I spent the day working on my study project, working on the connection of the view with the database using Hibernate and testing everything with JUnit and also touching on a little bit of servlets and jsp. I’m still moving slowly, as all of these technologies are new to me, but I know in a month time I’ll be way more comfortable, just like what happened with Angular and JavaFX. My goal is to be comfortably working with Spring, Hibernate, Servlets and Angular by the end of the year, with 2021 dedicated to mastering services like Azure or AWS.


The latest Tim Ferriss Podcast is with Hugh Jackman. What a fantastic character and and inspiring conversation. I’ll probably listen to it a few times. So many good principles, actionable advice and an overall good energy coming from Wolverine. And he’s got this pure Aussie way of being kind that’s hard to explain but I feel every day here Down Under.


I finished listening to Halsey’s album and started Selena Gomez’ new album, but it didn’t strike a chord. I’ll jump through the songs tomorrow and finish it soon. Nothing wrong with it, just not my cup of tea. I’m starting to think I picked a playlist with only mainstream music that won’t add much aesthetic value to my life. Or maybe I’m being a music snob? I don’t know.

I also started listening to the super well-regarded “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin. It’s a book the figures in most lists of most important literary works in english language so I had to check it out. I love it so far. Somehow it makes me feel immersed in rural England during Industrial Revolution. It will be interesting to draw a parallel between those and current times from a human standpoint. Looking forward to dive into it!

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