Eric Schmidt

Tuesdays are my biggest days at work so I didn’t have a lot of time to do much more than gym and 1 hour of coding.

Java Training

Today I created my first servlet. Of course not without some annoying configuration problem that’s stopping me from loading pictures. It was a tiny day of coding, but any ground gained is valuable. I’ve also watched a couple of videos about Test Driven Development.


I listened to a podcast I had already listened before. The guy’s name is Eric Schmidt, a software engineer that ‘s one of the main players behind the growth of Google. An excellent interview that I recommend to anyone interested in coding and the tech world in general.

Not only his story is very inspirational and many actionable advice can be taken, but the interview was also very informative about the inner-workings of tech companies and Silicon Valley.


Today I’ve read an important passage of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius where he advises one to, when inflicted pain, not to add stories to it, as much of suffering happens not because of external stimuli, but due to internal turmoil, often unfounded.

Throughout the day I listened to the album “Manic” by Halsey. I like it better than yesterday’s, more digestible for my unsophisticated musical taste, but I’ll listen to it tomorrow again before posting my favourite songs.

Today’s Input

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