Hibernate Nightmare

Java Training

Today was one of those days that test the resilience of a programmer. I spent 95% of my coding hours handling project configuration problems and 5% coding. I’m watching a JSP/Servlets course on Udemy based on a project that uses Hibernate and Maven and configuring the whole thing feels very intricate. It’s form after page after form after page of configurations. I wonder how someone would be able to figure all of those things out without tutorials.

The answer for that is compounded experience I suppose. Nobody learned all of those things at once. They picked up that knowledge throughout many years of head-banging and keyboard-punching. And I know for sure all I have to do is stick to it and I’ll be mastering these skills soon too.
I’m glad I’m starting to go deep into Java. I’m learning tools that will make me an excellent back-end coder. It might be painful but I’ll have a strong, diversified portfolio in the next few months.


After another week without missing a single session I took the day off this Sunday. But not quite. I started commuting to work using a bike so the first leg counts as exercise. But after only doing it for the 3rd time my knee already hurts. I’ll have to calm down a bit and alternate more bus and bike rides so my knees get used to the effort. I can’t go from zero to 50 rides a month just like that.

World War II

I didn’t listen to any podcasts today, but in the end of the day I read and watched a couple of things about WW2. It’s impossible not to get fascinated by those six years. I started with a couple of videos of D-day footage, then some about the german POWs in England and the US, read about the fall of Budapest to the Russians and finished reading about Auschwitz. The pictures of the death camp prisoners arriving with their families is powerful. We can never ever forget it so we don’t do it again.

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