1 Year Of Code

Very interesting day!

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I just realised it’s been a year since I started my coding journey. I’ll write a post about that in detail, but it’s been an excellent year and I’m sure I found my calling. I’ve never been so pumped up about anything in life as I am now. I’ve had long spells of excitement with poker and football, but there was always doubt about the future in those activities. With coding, I know it’s a lifelong commitment. I’ll code till the end.🙂

Today I made a slight course correction. I’ve established that my number one priority is to have a strong portfolio that showcases my skills with projects that are common in the industry. I’ll keep developing apps to scratch my own itches but I think I have create a solid collection of works that are relevant in the industry and will get me hired. My objective is to have at least 12 strong projects in my 2 year coding anniversary. I don’t want to have any portfolio. I need to have a “wow, we need to hire him now” factor. And I’ll get there.

I’m very exhausted so I’ll talk about the new Udemy course I bought and today’s podcast tomorrow.

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