Creating a Portfolio

Today I opened a new front of work and started working on my portfolio. I suspect a professional-looking and informative portfolio might tip the scale on my favour when I apply for jobs, so I’ll invest a lot of energy into building something appealing.

Obviously I’ll keep working on the contents of the portfolio, especially the Java stuff and will polish it based on portfolio reviews on youtube. Today I watched this one:

Java Training

I planned to start studying Spring today but I got really busy working on my budget app, so I’ll probably start tomorrow. The budget app will be similar to the sleep app but I’ll try to dig further into complex search queries and building charts for presentation. I’ll also try to make it look prettier. The sleep app looks like some 90’s desktop app.

Podcast and Book

Today I listened to David Yarrow’s interview on Tim Ferriss show. He’s a photographer and hedge fund manager. His thought process is a little bit hard to follow, but he’s another great dude with the plus of being scottish. The scots I know have great sense of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously, too qualities I appreciate a lot. Some bullet points:

  • Looking for the meaning of your craft: “I was taking just another picture the world didn’t need”.
  • “Rock bottom was the solid foundation from which I built my life”
  • The need of third party validation
  • Not falling into the rabbit hole of being preoccupied with the severity of circumstances

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