Nick Szabo – Master of Cryptocurrency

Java Training

Today I created my first successful .jar file, which means I coded an application from scratch to deployment. It’s a very ugly sleep log app but I’m very proud of it. It will be interesting looking at it ten years from now when I’m building fancy stuff.

I promised myself I was going to start building my budget app today but it took me a long time to troubleshoot the jar file creation and I ended up running out of time.

I’ll probably make a tutorial about it in the near future, but it will probably be a side project, as I still have to learn important things like Spring and Hibernate frameworks. In practice my next big goals are to be able to create web and mobile apps.

Two Weeks as a Permanent Resident

It’s interesting that at the same time that I got my residency I also got down to having ZERO dollars (literally). Covid-19 destroyed what was left of my savings and for a couple of months now I’ve been living from pay check to pay check, with very little room for contingencies. At the same time that it’s a bit scary, it makes me think that I’m starting from scratch. I have a blank canvas in front of me and I’do my best to make the most of it.

I’ve established a very solid routine and I’m laying the foundations for my future investing energy in my education and friendships, the things that will carry me through the rest of my life

It’s hard

It’s hard to see your loved ones suffering. I’ve been really good at maintaining my mental fortitude during the difficulties of the past year but I had a hard time today seeing my grandma in pain from a fall and my mom suffering because of that. It’s probably my only fear. Being or seeing my loved ones in pain. I’m definitely not afraid of death or of getting old. But acute suffering is something that hits me hard. My respect for people who work directly with suffering. It can’t be easy.


Today’s podcast was with Nick Szabo. I won’t write much about it because the topics were so above my head so I’ll have to listen to it again. Nick is a specialist in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies and he guarantees the world as we know it will change very dramatically very soon. Cryptocurrency has the power to change the way we exchange stuff rendering all sorts of financial careers obsolete. I’ll be writing more about it soon once I do more research.

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