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I barely had time to code today but when I did I advanced a bit more on my JavaFX training, learning how to create charts with data from a database.
I’ve decided to start my budget app tomorrow to start implementing more functionalities since the queries will be more complicated. I might even simultaneously start my coding tracker app so I can always switch between projects when I’m getting tired to get an energy boost.


I did a very small volunteering web-development job for a non-profit organisation in New Zealand. It was really tiny and it took me half an hour to complete but it feels great to help someone with nothing in return. I’ll definitely include volunteering hours in my IT practices more often.


In the past few months I’ve been realising I sleep way more if I go to bed at 11. I’m not sure how it’s possible that if I go to bed at 9 or 10 I’ll struggle to sleep 6h, but If it happens at 11 I’ll probably sleep at least 7hs. How does that make sense?


I completed 3 weeks without missing a single gym session. Since the gyms reopened I’ve been very disciplined. I’m very proud. However now I need to include more cardios training in my routine. I’m getting paid tomorrow so I’ll start using the City Bikes to go to and from work, which will save me some money and make me healthier.🙂


Today’s podcast was with BIll Rasmussen, co-founder of ESPN. Some key bullet-points.

  • The story of how he started his career including sports scores in the weather report
  • The story of ESPN and how everyone said he’d fail in the beginning
  • The difference in the philosophy between ABC and NBC back in the day: “don’t rock the boat” vs “always try new ideas”
  • Calling the top cable companies thinking nobody would agree to meet and all agreed
  • Having a short and simple mission-statement

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