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Java Training

Today I was able to code for 8 pomodoros (3h20) and I gained some ground on my sleep app and built the bulk of the functionalities I want. As I said yesterday I decided to query the database based on certain criteria instead of creating another database for each week, month or whatever else I wanted. I’ll probably keep working on it for a week until I start my next app.
I was watching videos about the importance of portfolios to get the first developer job. Looks like it’s one of the most important items of your resume as it’s an opportunity to show my skills. I’ll keep pushing the envelope with increasingly complex functionalities until I’m so good they can’t ignore me. By the way, there’s a book with this name. One of the best I’ve read. I highly recommend it.

Podcast and Book

In the morning I was able to follow all my morning routines and decided to vary a little bit with my podcasts again, this time with a specialist in weightlifting. His name Mark Bell and he owns an extremely successful gym in Sacramento, CA. To be honest I’m not a big fan of guys that clearly take steroids. Tim had two or three of those and they were great interviews but for me it’s hard to consider someone that advocates “strength training” when they’re cheating the system with something proved extremely unhealthy. Especially when they don’t admit it.

Having said that, I love his obsession with his craft and of course there’s stuff to learn from him in terms of the specifics of lifting. And close to the end he defines success as doing the right thing for a long period of time, mentioning his dad, who he’s never seen looking to another woman, however gorgeous she was, in respect to his wife.

A few days ago I started reading “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”. I’ve read about a quarter of it and it sounds very repetitive for someone who’s been reading these types of books so far, but I’ve had so many well-read people recommend it that I’ll keep going. I’ll be posting some of the things I’ve been marking in the next few days.

There’s something I haven’t mentioned yet as well but I listen to this show by an amazing Brazilian journalist called Luis Nassif. He’s able to summarise and explain what’s going on in Brazilian economy and politics so I don’t need to spend too much time reading anything else.
By the way, congratulations to me! I’ve posted for 8 days! And I have a pretty solid routine right now so I think I’ll be able to keep post daily. Let’s see!

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