Quiet Sunday

Java Training

I was able to code for 6 Pomodoros today. Right now I’m working on retrieving weekly data from my sleep records on my Sleep App but I decided to change approaches. I was trying to create a database for each week but I’ll try an approach where I just query the database per week instead. Instead of creating a switch with hundreds of week cases I’ll just create a week column on the database and then query based on weeks and months. I think it’s a more economic and less resources-demanding approach. I’ll keep working on it tomorrow.

Quiet Sunday

I didn’t have a super eventful Sunday. After coding I had a quick 25 min power nap, which gave me some energy but then I just went to work and caught up with three friends. After coding, this is the thing I love the most. Sitting down with friends and having intellectually stimulating conversations.
I took the day off of exercising, I read very little and I only listened to a small portion of a podcast with Tim Ferriss himself.

Today’s inputs

I watched some videos with fantastic ideas for Java projects (especially the second one). Read an article about Trump’s rallies and listened to to Tim Ferriss Show Episode 299 with highly actionable strategies for life.

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